ILJIN Group has been pursuing the components/materials industry, the foundation of industry itself, as its hub since its establishment in 1967.

Their main production items include copper clad steel wire, and power distribution hardware that was successfully developed in their company's early history, industrial synthetic diamond that significantly contributed to ILJIN's growth into a medium-sized company, and electrodeposited copper foil for PCB, which is a core material of all electronic products.

ILJIN Semiconductor is a subsidiary of ILJIN Group. ILJIN Semiconductor is a professional LED manufacture growing every year in compliance with LED' s beneficial quality of high efficiency and friendly environment. The demands for LED have been dramatically increased worldwide with its wide range of application such as mobile phone, internal & external lighting, automotive and large sized LCD backlight, etc. ILJIN Group has grown from various business field & R&D investment in the area of components/ materials industry. And ILJIN Semiconductor that was established from ILJIN Display' s business management team provides the best solution through ILJIN Group' s robust system & technology.