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Unicorn Electronics was established in 1986 in Hong Kong as a consumer electronics manufacturer with its manufacturing hub at Shenzhen. Unicorn Specialized on ODM design solutions and OEM manufacturing services for consumer electronic products. In 2011 Unicorn transformed the business operations to focus as LCD and LCM contract manufacturer for Zastron Electronics Shenzhen. In 2012 Unicorn successfully acquired the entire LCD and LCM business from Zastron; also formerly JIC.

In 2012, Unicorn has further invested 15 MUSD worth of equipment , shop floor, utilities and other support facilities such as canteen and workers dormitory. It is the goal of the company to focus on design and manufacturing of LCD and LCM, so as to develop a long term business partnership with our customers. Unicorn pledges to provide our customers the best value and quality products and services.

About Shin-Etsu LED Silicone Materials

Silicones for LED applications are driving the evolution of LEDs.

LEDs (light-emitting diodes) consume less energy, are long-lasting, and are eco-friendly. As they have become higher in brightness, they have come to be used in a wide variety of applications. LEDs used for illumination and TV backlights in particular must provide long-lasting reliability, which makes silicone a vital material for the manufacture of such LEDs.

Silicone is used as an encapsulant and die-bonding adhesive, and manufacturers are working toward using it as a reflector material. Silicone is driving the evolution of LEDs.

- TN-LCD & STN-LCD series

- VA-LCD series
Unlike the conventional liquid crystal twisting technology for TN/STN-LCD, vertically aligned liquid crystal technology offers superior optical performance on contrast ratio and viewing angle over wide temperature range. Different variant of vertical alignment LCD is offered by Unicorn to meet various applications, including high reliability automotive application:

a) High contrast version offers high contrast ratio up to 2000:1.


b) Wide view version offers wide viewing angle up to 55o/55o/50o/20o (L/R/T/B) at contrast ratio 200:1, without any color shift and ghost segment when display is viewed off angle.

c) High brightness version offers surface luminance up to 800cd/m2 and yet contrast ratio remains as high as 1000:1 without any bleaching on background image. This gives another alternative for LED displays for public information display application or outdoor industrial control application.

- Color TFT-LCD module series
Unicorn established cooperation with few TFT makers to provide semi-custom solutions for various customer needs. Below table summarizes some common color TFT-LCM products: